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Most people have heard of swinging as an activity that is seen in adult films, but many don't really know what it entails when it comes to the concept of BDSM dating. Living the lifestyle does not mean that you have to jump into a mature dating relationship with someone because all it truly means is that you are able to explore your sexual fantasies with another person. 

When you join a bdsm dating sites you will want to make sure that you join a site that has a reputation for providing solid, mature, and reputable people. The best way to find this out is by looking at the list of members already on the free BDSM site. If you see anyone that is offensive or has done anything that would cause any concern in anyone else, then you should not use their service. The only type of person that should be in a BDSM dating community is someone who is serious about exploring their sexuality and their fetishes fully and someone that is willing to say that they are open to all types of relationships.

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A general listing of our products is available below.

  BDSM Jewelry
      Slave Bracelets
      Beaded Choker Earrings
      Beaded Wire Chokers

Chain-mail Chokers
      Chain-mail Collars
      Sexy Nipples
      Breast Petals
      Breast Lace
      Breast Elegance


Cock & Ball Toys
      Acrylic Humbler
      Genital Press/Ball Press

Parachute with Pins
      Gates of Hell
      Scrotal Yoke

Ball Stretcher
      Ball Divider
      Ball Harness
Male Chastity Devices

Floggers & Whips
Extreme Whips/Floggers
      Deerskin , Suede, Leather

      Bull Hide Floggers

ink Part Pleaser Whips
Twisted Flogger
Lt. Weight Whips
Heavy Whips
      Mop Floggers

Rope Floggers
Personalized Whips
      Cat O Nine's
Paddles & Straps            Acrylic, Leather, Metal,
       Plastic, Rubber, Wood

English Tawse, Slappers
       Leather & Rubber Straps 
Heart, Medieval, Paint
       Stick, Round & Square
Frat  - with Holes 
Spanking Paddles
Spanking Straps/Slappers
Spanking Crops/Canes

Bondage Furniture
      CB Combo

      Double Cross
      O P Chair
Cock Rings
      Leather Cock Ring
Ball Bandit/Ball Supporter
      Ball Harness/T Bar Harness
      Shaft Collar

Ball Separator w/cock ring  
Cock Corsets
      Ball Stretcher
Gates of Hell


Hoods & Blindfolds
Ball Gags
Executioners Hood
Magistrates Hood
       Mistress Hood

Slave Hood
Leather Slave 1/2 Mask
Slave Hood leather
Leather Fetish Blindfold
       Lined Leather Blindfolds


Bondage Restraints
Ankle Restraints/Cuffs
Bondage Belt/Bra's
Wrist Restraints/Cuffs
      Suspension Restraints

Hand Cuffs
      Metal Restraints/Cuffs
      Shackles/Collar to Wrist

Wrist to Breast, Wrist to
      Thighs, Wrist to Ankle
      Hog Tie Restraints

Body Jewelry
Ear Rings
      Nipple Rings
      Hood Rings
      Belly Button Rings
      Navel Rings
      Nose Rings
      Nostril Screws
Crops & Canes
      Acrylic Canes
      Plastic Canes

Colorful Crops
Progressive Canes
      Tattoo Cane Sets

  Riding Crops
Rhythm Sticks
      Spanking Canes
Misc Evil Toys
Wartenberg Pinwheel
Electric Paddle
       Wicked Sticks

Labia Clips/Clamps
       Scrotal Clips/Clamps
       Nipple Clips/Clamps


Bondage Rope
      Japanese Bondage Rope
      Multi Colored Rope
      Nylon Bondage Rope
  Rainbow Rope Gay/Leather Pride
      Rope Care

Rope Hardware
Soft Rope
      Solid Braid MFP
      Solid Colored Rope
Bondage Chastity Belts
Heavy Duty Bondage Belt
      Lt to Med Maille Belts
      Hobble Restraint Belt
      Collar to Wrist
      Wrist to Breast
      Wrist to Thigh
      Male Chastity Belt
      Female Chastity Belt


Dungeon Hardware
      Panic Snaps
      Safety Snaps
      Dbl Snap Hooks

Bondage Safety Scissors
      Pin Wheel/
Electric Paddles
Brite Choker Chains
Japanese Clover Clamps
Metal/Steel BDSM Toys
   Cock Corral
Steel Cuffs
      Metal Cuffs wrist/ankle

Stainless Steel
Bondage Gear
Steel Shackles
Metal Neuro Wheel
Metal /Leather Ball Vice
      Locking Bondage Collar
Training Gags & Collars
Bondage Collars
       Leather Collars
       Training Collars
       Posture Collars
       Bondage Gags

Ball Gags
       O-Ring Gags
       Leather Gags
       Rubber Gags


Breast Bondage Toys
      Nipple Noose
      Breast Press
      Nipple Hardeners
      Breast Petals
      Breast Lace
      Breast Elegance
      Stainless Steel
      Nipple Shields
      Colored Nipple Shields
      14k  Gold Nipple Jewelry
      Sexy Nipples


Fetish Wear Lingerie
      Arm Bands
      Wrist Bands
      Chain Bra's
      Jock Straps
      Bondage Bra's
      Bikini Top
      Chain Mail Loin Cloth
      Flex-Maille Garments
      Chain Mail Halter, Byrnie,
      Hauberk, Coif , Mantle,
      Haubergon, Full Coif
Clamp/Clip Torture
Sgl Link Chain/Clamps
      Dbl Link Chain/Clamp

      Tweezer Clips

Alligator Clamps
      Clover Camps
      Nipple to Cock Clamps

Nipple to Clit Clips
      Weighted Clips
      Weighted Clamps

Barbed Wire Roses
Spotlight Items 1 2 3
New Anal Toys

Whips & Quirts
      Braided Cats / Quirts
      Leather Braided Whips
      Bull Whip / Whips

      Chain Maille
      Chain Mail Cats / Quirts





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